6 Jun 2022
61 mins
Transitioning to Open Source
Data Driven Decision Making
Data Driven Sustainability

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Senior Data Scientist, Tom Bowling, on making the move to open source: a SAS to R migration.

Driven by incredible communities, R and Python have quickly become the de-facto standards for analytics. But how do you move away from proprietary tech like SAS gracefully?


Transitioning to Open Source

61 mins


Senior Data Scientist at Ascent, Tom Bowling, has a wealth of experience in helping mid-size and enterprise organisations migrate away from SAS to open-source languages.

In this webinar, he considers the whys and hows: why this transition is typically much more than a technical migration – and shares his perspective on how to plan and execute a successful implementation, with practical advice and real-world examples.

What you’ll take away:

  • Why open source should be considered a technology of choice

  • 6 components that underpin a successful implementation

  • The business impact of migrating to open source — a Premier use case

Tom Bowling

Senior Data Scientist


As a Senior Data Scientist at Ascent, Tom applies his statistical experience to help customers solve business problems with data. A Statistician by training, Tom pairs deep mathematical capability with programming expertise to understand and address business challenges. He has extensive experience of SAS and tools like R and Python and has been involved in many migrations to open source.

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