News - 25 Oct 2023
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A Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure specialisation demonstrates a Microsoft Partner’s capabilities and expertise in container orchestration for automating software deployment, scaling and management on Azure. Find out more about what this new Microsoft advanced Kubernetes specialisation means to Ascent.

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Ascent earns Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Specialisation.

New specialisation makes Ascent one of seven most qualified Digital and App Innovation Microsoft partners in the UK.



Kubernetes for MS Azure


London, UK–  Ascent today announced it has earned the Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Specialisation, a validation of a solution partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience and proven expertise in deploying and managing production workloads in the cloud using containers and managing hosted Kubernetes environments in Microsoft Azure.

The Kubernetes on Azure specialisation can only be earned by partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their container-based workload deployment and management practices.

With over 75% of global organisations expected to run containerised applications in production by 2022, many are looking for a partner with skills to migrate their existing containerised workloads to the cloud or assist them in developing cloud-native applications using container technologies, DevOps patterns, and a microservices approach.

Nick Woodley, Head of Cloud at Ascent, is delighted with the outcome. “We are very proud to add the Kubernetes on Azure specialisation to our increasingly lengthy list of proven Microsoft competences. Many organisations have speculatively placed isolated workloads into Azure and are now looking to fully harness the power and capabilities of Kubernetes in the Azure environment to leverage benefits including orchestration, automated deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications. The Azure cloud, combined with the robustness of Kubernetes, provides flexibility through elasticity, significantly drives down maintenance effort, increases capability and expedites deployment.”

Our extensive experience with Kubernetes, significant investment in the rapid deployment of Well-Architected composable cloud infrastructure, and insightful Managed Services perfectly position Ascent to help customers looking to drive business value by integrating Kubernetes on Azure into their cloud strategies.

Andrew Smith, General Manager, Partner Program Management at Microsoft added, “The Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Specialisation highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to deploying and managing containerized applications in Azure. Ascent clearly demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to deliver best-in-class cloud-native capabilities to customers with Azure.”  


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