Senior Data Scientist
Data Science function hiring in: United Kingdom
Engagement Option(s): Full Time
Work Preference Option(s): Hybrid | In Office | Work From Home

Welcome to an exciting opportunity where ambitious individuals are invited to join a team of inquisitive minds and supportive peers, all driven by a shared passion and diverse skills aimed at creating value for businesses through data.

About Us  

We are Ascent! and we help our customers solve problems, elevate, and do existing things better. We are on a mission to help our customers connect data, software, and purpose to create extraordinary outcomes. You could say we are a digital transformation business.

We specialize in software product development, analytics, data science, IoT solutions, machine learning, DevOps optimization, and modernization of applications, data, and platforms.

We work with incredible clients in all types of industries such as smart home devices, space exploration, beer manufacturing, finance, ecology, and logistics. We work with some of the sharpest minds in the brightest businesses and we employ the sharpest minds too!

At Ascent, we also believe in fostering a vibrant office community where collaboration thrives and connections flourish. With our hybrid approach, we prioritize hiring individuals who reside in close proximity to our central offices in Bristol and London. Our aim is to cultivate a positive atmosphere and sense of belonging by facilitating easy access to the office. However, we welcome applicants from all other areas in the UK, as we value diversity and recognize the unique perspectives each individual brings to our team. Join us in shaping a workplace where proximity enhances collaboration while inclusivity strengthens our community.

As part of our team, you’ll be tasked with:

Here at Ascent, we believe that using data in the right way doesn’t just help companies perform better; it transforms entire industries. You’ll help world-leading brands transform the way their industries work and be at the heart of our growing business. 

As a Data Scientist, you will work as part of a team that designs and implements data science solutions for our customers, providing opinionated view and a consultative approach to drive the best outcome for the customer, using suitable methodology, programming languages and infrastructure, confidently assuming responsibility for technical specifications.

Your role will involve but not limited to:
  • Using strong business acumen and a solid understanding of data science use cases, author and refine project technical specifications
  • Relentlessly focus on creating value and delivering actionable insight
  • Apply statistical rigor and computational efficiency in project delivery
  • Design and implement end-to-end data pipelines fit for the purpose
  • Communicate frequently and appropriately during the delivery process
  • Present work to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Support Sales by participating in the pre-sales process and contributing to proposals
  • Manage junior members in a Team Lead capacity and promote Ascent publicly via blogging, and conferencing
  • Keep up to date with relevant technologies and current trends and travel for work as required

We are looking for passionate and driven individuals with:
  • You need to be fluent in either R or Python for data science, and fluent in SQL (any flavour) for analysis;
  • Experienced in applying a broad range of data science techniques, including data manipulation, visualization, package development, machine learning algorithms, NLP, Shiny / Dash, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.
  • Highly skilled in R package development, functional programming principles, documentation best practices, internal and external data management, unit tests, CI; f
  • NLP, word stemming, topic modelling, word2vec, n-gram, text classification, word embeddings, sentiment modelling, tf–IDF, BERT. Azure Data Science Associate Certificate is desirable
  • Curious and inquisitive and thoughtful
  • Detail orientated and pragmatic approach to problem-solving
  • Sense of responsibility and critical and constructive thinking
  • Logical and methodical reasoning and communication with clarity and purpose

Insight into Ascent:
At Ascent, we’re all about connecting data, software, and purpose to achieve remarkable outcomes. Our focus is on facilitating digital transformation by helping our clients solve problems, innovate, and improve existing processes.

As a growing company, we offer numerous opportunities for you to make a difference within your career and your team as well as the broader business. Collaboration and support are at the core of our culture, and you’ll have the chance to work on exciting projects alongside talented colleagues and be a part of one of our many communities.

We embrace a hybrid working model, dependent on the role’s key focuses and needs we provide flexibility for you to work from the office, meet with clients as required, or work remotely in a manner that suits your preferences and productivity. Along with a competitive salary commensurate with your experience, we offer 25 days of annual leave, in addition to public holidays, a contributory pension plan, and other essential benefits.

At Ascent, diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles that guide our actions. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone is valued and respected, regardless of gender, pregnancy, and maternity status, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, or disability status. If you need any reasonable accommodations during the application process, please inform us.



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Our customers.

Ascent works with over 150 businesses in the UK, Europe and North America. From global insurance, healthcare and retail to smart home devices, space exploration and cricket - we get to work with some of the sharpest minds in the brightest businesses.

Taking CX to the next level with AI for 200,000 members.



Empowering the actuarial community to solve problems with R.



Reducing time-to-market for automotive innovation. 



Evolving a global infrastructure team into a proven Centre of Excellence for cloud.



Improving health and well-being through data transformation.



Enabling data science teams to drive class-leading consumer engagement.​



Bringing the technical vision to life for progressive professional services.



Orchestrating jobs and parts distribution across 6000+ UK sites.



Optimising performance & support with 360° insight into the elite Women’s game.


Promoting collaborative experimentation in sustainable food production.


Creating compelling omnichannel experiences from bar to browser.


Pouring beer

Democratising data to engage new communities & protect the UK seabed.



Delivering the horizontal scale to expand into new medical research fields.



Improving experience and making life simpler for home automation customers.



Unlocking the power of data and analytics to accelerate growth.



Bringing on-demand to the UK’s favourite TV listing and review platform.



Reducing cost, accelerating innovation and attracting new talent in healthcare.


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Why join Ascent?

We’re fast becoming a leading European digital transformation business.

Joining Ascent means you’ll be involved in delivering exciting technology projects for leading global brands. You’ll be part of a growing team of super-talented people who are actively choosing to join us on our journey rather than working in big corporates.

Your voice matters at Ascent. We are always keen to hear your opinions and those ideas that come to you at 3am (some of them are definitely as good as they seemed at the time). You’ll develop your talent through our internal Academy, providing a wide range of personal development, up-skilling and cross-skilling opportunities.

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