Insight - 6 Jun 2022
Transitioning to Open Source
Data Driven Decision Making
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Making the move to open source.

Top tips for a successful SAS to R migration.


Transitioning to Open Source


Legacy, proprietary systems are characterised by boundaries and limitations that make it harder to innovate, impacting your ability to optimise decision making and drive efficiencies.

We consider why this transition is typically much more than a technical migration – and share our perspective on how to plan and execute a successful implementation, with practical advice and real-world examples.

Insights_SAS to R migration whitepaper

Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • Business drivers for change
  • Why open source should be considered a technology of choice
  • The foundations that underpin a successful implementation
  • The business impact of migrating to open source -  a Premier use case
  • Top tips for a successful migration

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