Event - 29 May 2024



Join us for an unmissable morning as we explore the data govenance and technology foundations you need to successfully adopt GenAI. Find out about your eligibility for a funded PoC with Microsoft.

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Workshop | 29 May | Data Primer for AI Workshop with Microsoft

AI-Ready: Prime Your Data For Gen AI With Microsoft & Ascent.


Data & AI


The hype frenzy around GenAI has captivated industry with its promise, but left data leaders who have been wrestling with systemic underinvestment scrambling to deliver on board-level AI ambitions.

CDOs are being tasked with the impossible balancing act of enabling AI at hyper-velocity while also assuring data quality and governance in readiness for new AI horizons.

Join us for an unmissable complimentary workshop with industry peers as we dispel common myths for data leaders around GenAI and identify the foundational priorities that ensure your data is an enabler for AI innovation, not a blocker. You’ll leave with a clear view of your next data and infrastructure priorities based on your business’ AI roadmap and aspirations, and an understanding of your eligibility for Microsoft funding to support your journey.

What you’ll take away.

  • An understanding of how to prioritise GenAI use cases to ensure data isn’t a blocker.

  • A view of the data technology you need to fully exploit GenAI (spoiler alert: it’s less than you think).

  • An understanding of the organisational data responsibilities and capabilities GenAI demands.

  • Clarity on the impact of GenAI on the value delivery capacity and capability of your data team.

  • A readiness scale you can use to evaluate your AI data maturity.

  • A view of your eligibility for Microsoft funding to support your AI data journey.

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Save your seat: Data Primer for AI Workshop

The Shard, SE1 9RY | 09:00 - 14:00 | 29th May 2024


09:00 Arrival

09:30 Welcome & Microsoft Keynote

09:45 Your Readiness Self-Assessment

10:15 Our View: How To Build for GenAI

10:45 Break

11:00 The Ultimate AI Tech Stack

11:45 Interactive: Building Your Data Roadmap For AI

13:00 Demo: Using GenAI to Help Your Data Team

13:15 Recap & Next Steps

13:30 Lunch


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