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Hi. We’re Ascent.

We help you connect data, software and purpose to drive extraordinary outcomes for your business.

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Build digital muscle.

We deliver digital services that help you solve problems, do new things and do existing things better.

We apply our engineering talent to help you develop capabilities inside your business that are founded on the right relationships between users, data, software and platforms. We call this ‘building digital muscle’.

By applying our skills across software and data engineering, new product development, advanced analytics and data science, cloud, IoT and Machine Learning, we help customers strengthen their relationship with technology.

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Connect and engage with technology better.

We believe that a business that is digitally empowered, capable and strong will achieve more, more quickly.

We help you explore how you use technology and why – the responsibilities you give it, how much you trust it, how far it guides you. What do you want to do next?

Build new business capabilities with data and software.



Strengthen your technology proposition.

At the heart of your business operations is a set of technology dependencies.

We’ll work with you to modernise and better control the relationships between data, software and platforms to build strong direct links with revenue, generate insight and deliver change and scale more easily.

Strengthen your technology proposition.



Build new business capabilities.

We challenge our teams to deliver performance-based solutions that make us accountable for your real-world capabilities.

We’re here to help you increase the number of ‘we can’ statements in your business: whether that’s taking on new medical research frontiers, converting your in-bar drinkers to online buyers or better understanding the UK coastline and seabed based on community intelligence.

Build new business capabilities.


Value Proposition


Software meets data and insight on the cloud.



Solve problems, deliver fresh experiences, delight your users.

A collaborative, end-to-end journey from your big idea to steady-state operations.

Software product development is a science and an art. We work with you explore the solution space efficiently, bringing in fresh perspectives and experience across value, risk, data, UX, process and delivery that complement your in-house expertise.

We help you put applications and software systems to work as you build competitive edge and market share. Working closely with your teams, we modernise, design, build and help you embed software in your business that enables change and creates momentum.

Collaboration to us means actively sharing responsibility for quality and success, defining and taking accountability for new or enhanced capabilities that are meaningful to you at a business level.



Prepare your most valuable assets for interrogation & analysis.


Access to the right data at the right time in the right format.

We see data as the fundamental enabler of value creation for our customers. Our data engineering services are designed specifically to prepare your data to deliver intelligence and insight, helping you answer critical business questions and make better decisions.

Data volumes are growing exponentially across customer touchpoints, business functions and systems. Complexity and granularity of data is increasing. We work with you to design cloud data platforms on Azure that draw on native services to make your big data more manageable and easier to secure and govern.

Taking you from proof of concept to production, we design efficient, reliable pipelines that move, transform and store data into analysis-ready structures.

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Understand what happened, why it happened & what happens next if…


The power to understand & prioritise the activities that add value to your business.

We help you use data to improve decision-making to drive growth, lower costs and optimise performance.

Our business intelligence and award-winning data science teams apply visualisation and advanced analytic techniques to help you create actionable insight. This helps you answer critical strategic and tactical questions with confidence, like ‘what’s my next best customer action?’, ‘which people are most valuable to my organisation?’, ‘which areas of my business create the most negative environmental impact?’, ‘which flavour of coffee will sell best?’.

We help you prepare for a data-driven future, unlocking potential and maturing your internal capability. And helping you build the ability to get beyond the hype and harness techniques like AI and Machine Learning is a journey that all starts here.

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Leverage the power of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.


The flex, depth & scale to deliver your business revolution.

Cloud platforms and services are a core part of your technology proposition, helping you standardise and modernise service delivery, scale effortlessly, get good at change and manage your information assets effectively and securely.

We are firm believers in buy over build. High quality off-the-shelf PaaS components accelerate your time to value and free you to focus on the elements of your solution that deliver competitive edge and differentiation.

We work natively with Azure, but our teams will ensure your solutions are matched with the cloud platform that is right for your requirements.

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Ideal Partner section

Why we’re your ideal partner.

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We do work that matters to our customers so we invest time in experiencing the challenge from their perspective. We let our customers tell us what success looks like. It makes our job harder, but we want to succeed on their terms.

We work to create the right level of intimacy with your teams, understanding their perspectives and their relationship with your objectives and required outcomes.


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Process strength & energy.

Our role is critical in bringing ideas and concepts to life for our customers - and that responsibility fuels us to achieve more and go further. We are curious and obsessed with learning, helping spark and sustain the momentum to transform in our customer businesses.

We don’t do Big Discovery. Our approaches and methods are robust, pragmatic and focussed. We know the difference between ‘can’ and ‘should’, prioritising efficiency and minimising distraction - and we’re obsessed with documentation and great communication.


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User wow.

When we exceed expectations and surprise users, everyone wins. Creating ‘wow’ moments for customers is a priority for us in any engagement. We need to think big if we are going to help customers create impact.

We start with audacious thinking because it can (always) be done. We see the big picture and will put forward opinions designed to enhance your outcomes.


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Lets get started

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Let’s get started.

We help customers build game-changing products, deliver pivotal data and software projects and build strong internal teams. Got a challenge in mind?

We’re ready when you are.

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