Solution Architect
Industry Focus Roles function hiring in: United Kingdom | Bulgaria
Engagement Option(s): Full Time
Work Preference Option(s): Hybrid | REM

This is a great opportunity to immerse yourselves in the industry. This is what we refer to as People Engagement. Ascent helps our partners onboard teams and particular skills directly in their business whilst still employed with Ascent in our Sofia Office.

**This position is available remotely or hybrid for talents based in the United Kingdom or Bulgaria.


About Us

Ascent is a design-led software, data and cloud business that specialises in advanced analytics and AI.  We are an engineering business. We design, build and manage cloud-native products, solutions, platforms & experiences on Azure.

Our pan-European community of engineers, architects, data scientists and digital consultants helps customers take on challenges and opportunities, so they can do something new, or do existing things better.

From global insurance, pharma, healthcare and retail to smart home devices, space exploration and cricket - we get to work with some of the sharpest minds in the brightest businesses.


About the role

The role of the solutions architect is to be responsible for the development of the overall vision that underlies the projected solution and transforms that vision through execution into the solution.

The solution architect engages with a project at the time of inception and is involved in the functional analysis of developing the initial requirements. They then remain involved throughout the balance of the project.

The solutions architect is an expert in many categories. They must have hands-on experience in multiple industries and across several disciplines. They must have a mastery of various IT end-to-end solutions. They work very closely with the relevant specialists engaged to deliver the outcomes defined within their solutions. They are the link between the needs of the organisation and the implementation team.

The solutions architect will work as part of a team of architects who look at enterprise architecture, technical architecture, and security architecture. All architects work closely with key stakeholders from the business to ensure that the needs of the business are met by the architecture teams. 


Technical Skills  

  • Ability to design comprehensive solutions that meet business requirements. 

  • Knowledge of different architectural designs and patterns.  

  • Hands-on experience across multiple industries to tailor solutions effectively.  

  • Proficiency in various IT solutions, including but not limited to cloud computing, databases, and application development.  

  • Ability to engage from project inception, develop initial requirements, and stay involved throughout the project.  

  • Skills in analysing and developing initial requirements based on project engagement. Soft Skills  

  • Ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, ensuring that the needs of the business align with the architectural solutions.  

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team of architects and other specialists.  

  • Ability to develop an overall vision that underlies the projected solution.  

  • Strong problem-solving skills to overcome challenges during the project lifecycle.  

  • Flexibility to engage in various stages of the project and wear multiple hats.  

  • Skills in managing relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring architecture meets business needs.  

  • Leadership qualities to guide the project vision, engaging with various stakeholders and leading the project toward successful completion. 


Key accountabilities

General Duties  

  • Lead in designing, specifying, and selecting information solutions, considering functionality, data, security, integration, infrastructure, and performance.  

  • Lead the organisation in exploiting technology and using knowledge of IT solutions to drive organisational change and support business process design.  

  • Understand and support software architecture design and support the development team in developing solutions.  

  • Estimate cost, and prepare business cases for IT solutions, considering infrastructure, licenses, development, and support.  

  • Work with the Project Managers and Business Analysts to develop high-level project schedule resource plans for implementation projects.  


Solutions Architecture

  • Works with the Enterprise Architect for strategic direction and alignment with guiding principles and standards 

  • Provide professional, timely and effective IT solution design and implementation services to Global IT, including expert technical advice on complex matters relating to the end-to-end IT solution area.  

  • Provide expert technical advice on the establishment and maintenance of a robust and scalable IT architecture that will assist IT strategies, products and enhancements within Global IT and Member Firms.  

  • Exercise responsibility for the coordination of significant projects and programs of work associated with the effective development, delivery, and maintenance of IT services within Global IT.  

  • Coordinate the identification and resolution of complex IT troubleshooting activities to ensure appropriate technical support exists for the continuation of essential Global IT services in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. Technical or Expert Knowledge / Experience 

  • Demonstrated experience in undertaking complex IT projects and providing IT solution design services that align with organisational objectives and business requirements.  

  • Demonstrated experience in identifying technical issues, thinking laterally, and applying analytical skills to develop appropriate options for resolution.  

  • Experience in the establishment, review, and continuous improvement of IT Architecture.  

  • Significant experience in providing specialist technical advice, support and assistance within an information technology environment covering many IT technologies and environments.  

  • Demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining IT infrastructure, Platforms, Applications and Databases on a wide range of platforms and technologies.  

  • Proven high-level communication skills, including the provision of expert advice on IT issues of a critical and complex nature.  

  • Proven ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and prioritise workloads. 


Qualifications, Experience, Skills

  1. Tertiary qualifications (e.g., University degree in Information Technology), or qualifications in Architecture and Project Management discipline desirable  

  1. A minimum of three (3) years in a professional senior technical role such as technical lead, team lead, architect, or other hands-on leadership role ideally for a major consultancy or system integrator.  

  1. Knowledge of Enterprise Architecture methodologies such as TOGAF or the equivalent; Ideally formal qualification in Enterprise Architecture (e.g., TOGAF) or formal qualifications in technology. 

  1. Experiencing in assessing a broad range of information solutions and products, particularly in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.  

  1. Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences. Fluent in both written and spoken English; other languages are a plus.  

  1. Strong planning and organisation skills as the role involves communicating with varying levels of team members across business stakeholders (technology and management)  

  1. Self-starter with the ability to appropriately prioritise and plan complex work in a rapidly changing environment.  

  1. Demonstrate the ability to multitask, balancing priorities among competing needs whilst ensuring the required detail and quality is achieved providing the highest level of value to BDO. 

  1. Results-oriented with the ability to produce products that deliver organisational benefit.  

  1. Strong critical thinker with problem-solving aptitude. Strong conceptual and analytical skills - demonstrating outside-the-box problem-solving skills.  

  1. Team player with experience leading and collaborating cross-team to ensure successful delivery of solutions.  

  1. Ability to develop solution architecture designs; Experience in developing Services Orientated Architectures (SOA)  

  1. Available to work flexible hours (project teams may span time zones), with strong collaboration, communication, and business relationship skills. 


BDO and Ascent – working here

Ascent is on a mission to help our customers connect data, software, and purpose to create extraordinary outcomes. We choose hybrid working, where you balance time at the office with working at home. Our offices are places to connect and collaborate with colleagues, with socials and regular get-togethers. We take your development and growth seriously, with plenty of opportunities to acquire skills and get certified.

BDO is an international network of public accounting, tax, and advisory firms, the BDO Member Firms, which perform professional services under the name of BDO. The global network provides advisory services in 167 countries, with around 91,000 people working out of 1,658 offices worldwide. The combined fee income of all the BDO Member Firms was $10.3 billion in 2020. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms.

Service provision within the international BDO network is coordinated by Brussels Worldwide Services BVBA, a limited liability company incorporated in Belgium with its statutory seat in Brussels.


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Our customers

Ascent works with over 150 businesses in the UK, Europe and North America. From global insurance, healthcare and retail to smart home devices, space exploration and cricket - we get to work with some of the sharpest minds in the brightest businesses.

Taking CX to the next level with AI for 200,000 members.



Empowering the actuarial community to solve problems with R.



Reducing time-to-market for automotive innovation. 



Evolving a global infrastructure team into a proven Centre of Excellence for cloud.



Improving health and well-being through data transformation.



Enabling data science teams to drive class-leading consumer engagement.​



Bringing the technical vision to life for progressive professional services.



Orchestrating jobs and parts distribution across 6000+ UK sites.



Optimising performance & support with 360° insight into the elite Women’s game.


The ECB Women's Team

Promoting collaborative experimentation in sustainable food production.


Creating compelling omnichannel experiences from bar to browser.


Pouring beer

Democratising data to engage new communities & protect the UK seabed.



Delivering the horizontal scale to expand into new medical research fields.



Improving experience and making life simpler for home automation customers.



Unlocking the power of data and analytics to accelerate growth.



Bringing on-demand to the UK’s favourite TV listing and review platform.



Reducing cost, accelerating innovation and attracting new talent in healthcare.


Case Study Premier Hero


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Why join Ascent?

We’re fast becoming a leading European digital transformation business.

Joining Ascent means you’ll be involved in delivering exciting technology projects for leading global brands. You’ll be part of a growing team of super-talented people who are actively choosing to join us on our journey rather than working in big corporates.

Your voice matters at Ascent. We are always keen to hear your opinions and those ideas that come to you at 3am (some of them are definitely as good as they seemed at the time). You’ll develop your talent through our internal Academy, providing a wide range of personal development, up-skilling and cross-skilling opportunities.

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