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Posted: 2021-06-10

This is a perfect opportunity for ambitious individuals to join a team of curious minds and supporting peers with a passion and the skills for creating value for businesses using data.

The Role

At Ascent, we pride ourselves on our delivery capability. By gathering some of the best data and software professionals, we have built a reputation for delivering high quality capabilities that span software development, analytics and data science.

However, as customers increasingly understand the need to create more intelligent, efficient, digital business models, so our conversations are increasingly focused on helping customers look beyond the obvious an explore potential transformative capabilities that exists on the intersection of data, software and platform (“D+S+P”).

To support these conversations, we created our Consulting Team, whose mission is to inspire our customers with the transformational potential of D+S+P. This enables our customers to identify truly impactful projects that our teams are excited to work on, and puts our delivery colleagues and our customers in the best position to succeed.

As a member of this Consulting team, the role is focused on helping customers across a number of activities:

  • Inspire – evangelize and inspire others about the potential of D+S+P.
  • Educate – help organisations better understand the potential and language of D+S+P.
  • Ideate – help organisations explore and prioritise possible transformative capabilities.
  • Strategy – help organisations create a clear narrative round their transformation and a clear route to capability delivery.

This will create clarify and confidence in our customers around the right approach to take, and the value this will likely generate for their business. As a team, we exemplify the Ascent Values: Empathy, Energy and Audacity


The responsibilities of the role are wide ranging, but are focused on supporting customers to arrive at a future vision for their business, and a set of transformative capabilities that could underpin that vision. This requires a relentless focus on customer value and the future possibilities for our customers to transform their business.

As a Principal Data Consultant, you will focus on the “Data” aspect of “D+S+P”, and the role that the broad range of “Data” disciplines could have (which may include Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Engineering, Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence).

Working as part of a small, focused team of highly experienced professionals, responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting presales conversations with the Commercial team, to validate ideas and assumptions and to recommend a possible route to delivery
  • Evangelise about the potential that exists on the intersection of “D+S+P”, with a specific focus on Data and Advanced Analytics.
  • Educate customers on the possibilities and language of Data and Analytics so they can better understand how it can be used to create a transformative capability in their business
  • Support the ideation process to help identify and prioritise potential initiatives through structured workshops and conversations.
  • Help organisations create a Data Strategy to create a clear narrative that describes how Data and Analytics (via a series of initiatives) might support a customers’ Digital Transformation.
  • Work with colleagues in Presales and Delivery to ensure initiatives are properly described, to ensure they are in the best position to deliver a successful outcome for our customer.
  • Be an internal advocate of a consultative approach and to promote the work of the Consulting Team across the company.
  • Work as part of the team to create repeatable IP, where appropriate, to streamline downstream “Data” conversations.

About you

We are looking for an experienced professional who has built a career in the world of data to join our small team of experts. You will have deep knowledge of at least one “Data” discipline (Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Management, Data Science, Data Platform) but will have at least a high level understanding of all these areas. In particular, you understand how each of these areas can be applied to a business in order to create value and drive change.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable discussing transformation at all levels of an organisation. You will understand the complexities of implementing data initiatives in a business, and the likely barriers (technical and cultural) that may exist.

Ideally you will have direct experience in a “consulting” role, or in an internal business-facing role where acting in a “consultative” manner is critical to your success. You may also have direct experience of educating business leaders on the possibilities of data, helping to identify and prioritise data initiatives, or even writing a Data Strategy.

Whatever your skills, you will be passionate about the role that Data can play in helping an organisation transform, and relish the chance to work as part of a high-functioning team in a role that allows you to help customers achieve their business objectives.

Skills and Experience

  • Significant experience as a “practitioner” in a “Data” discipline (such as Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Management, Data Science, and/or Data Platform).
  • A good understanding of the role Data can play in generating value in a commercial organisation.
  • An understanding of the role of people, process and technology in effecting a successful transformation.
  • Excellent communication and consultative skills, with a particular strength in “data storytelling”.
  • A creative thinker who can work with a customer to explore potential initiatives in an interactive and enthusiastic manner.
  • Aligned with Ascent Values and behaviours: Empathy, Energy and Audacity!

Career progression Section

Why join Ascent?

We’re fast becoming a leading European digital transformation business.

Joining Ascent means you’ll be involved in delivering exciting technology projects for leading global brands. You’ll be part of a growing team of super-talented people who are actively choosing to join us on our journey rather than working in big corporates.

Your voice matters at Ascent. We are always keen to hear your opinions and those ideas that come to you at 3am (some of them are definitely as good as they seemed at the time). You’ll develop your talent through our internal Academy, providing a wide range of personal development, up-skilling and cross-skilling opportunities.

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Career Progression

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