Senior JavaScript Developer
Full Time
Posted: 2021-05-13

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About the role: 

We are looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer for one of our flagship e-commerce projects.

We specialize in building bespoke software for global businesses and have a team of highly skilled and multi-disciplined engineers. Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional value to our customers and as such are proponents of Agile methodologies.

This role is a full-time contract position and you may work 100% remotely from home.


About you:

An ideal candidate has:

  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Exceptional written and spoken English communication skills
  • A proactive and autonomous approach towards work
  • Experience working across a variety of different languages
  • Ability to work on large codebases which require patience to understand
  • High-quality coding standards
  • Strong team ethic; keen to help other team members succeed

Delivering exceptional value to our customers is imperative. The ideal candidate is the perfect brand ambassador; a brilliant technical mind with the accompanying interpersonal skills necessary to function in a team environment.

As an Ascent developer, you will work in a small and close-knit group. Our mindset is focused on constant iteration and improvement.


Required Skills and Experience:

  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Node.js
  • AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, Kinesis, API Gateway, CodeBuild)
  • Alexa skills (smart home and custom)
  • Google actions (smart home)
  • Understanding of serverless architectures
  • Serverless framework
  • Functional Programming (experience of Ramda.js beneficial)
  • Working with key stakeholders (will have regular contact with Amazon/Google as well as product and marketing people)
  • Comfortable making key technical decisions
  • Git/GitHub
  • TDD/BDD (we use AVA.js)
  • Monorepos (Lerna)
  • Node.js private package management


Career progression Section

Why join Ascent?

We’re fast becoming a leading European digital transformation business.

Joining Ascent means you’ll be involved in delivering exciting technology projects for leading global brands. You’ll be part of a growing team of super-talented people who are actively choosing to join us on our journey rather than working in big corporates.

Your voice matters at Ascent. We are always keen to hear your opinions and those ideas that come to you at 3am (some of them are definitely as good as they seemed at the time). You’ll develop your talent through our internal Academy, providing a wide range of personal development, up-skilling and cross-skilling opportunities.

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Career Progression

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