Senior C# Backend Developer – Automotive Sector
Full Time
Posted: 2020-09-02

Be the first to have a tangible positive impact on the performance, road worthiness, reliability and safety of some of the world renowned automotive brands.  


This role requires the candidate to be based in Malta

Ascent is looking for a highly motivated, results orientated Senior Backend Developer. As a member of the Development Team you will play an active role in the development and maintenance of Windows subsystem software of an automotive recording and calibration embedded device.

The Windows Embedded code is mainly written in C#, but some modules are implemented in modern C++ (C++11), and the solution makes extensive use of COM.  As the core software component automates most of the device processes by Windows API, candidates should be able to understand the low-level mechanisms of the operating system.  Good familiarity with scripting (batch, PowerShell) would be considered an asset, as would familiarity with Linux OS scripting since part of the device functionalities are implemented in a real-time Linux subsystem. 


Quality is of utmost importance and whilst there are a number of QA Engineers in the team, all the developers on the team are expected to have a good understanding of testing methodologies, and shall also contribute to code reviews, static analyser reports and documentation describing the details of their implementations including specific architectural areas. 


Required skills and qualifications:

  • Minimum 5 years C# backend development experience.
  • Experience with RESTful APIs
  • Experience with security protocols and security best practices
  • Experience with network programming
  • Experience with Scrum
  • Experience with Git
  • Teamwork – work well within a team and within established boundaries
  • Can do approach – flexible and able to provide effective solutions
  • Communication - conveying information effectively and demonstrating active listening
  • Attention to detail - ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task

Other skills that are considered an asset for this role:

  • Knowledge of .Net Interoperability
  • Knowledge of the Windows OS architecture
  • Knowledge of advanced debugging techniques (crash dump analysis)
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Component Object Model
  • Knowledge of Linux OS
  • PowerShell scripting
  • Bash scripting

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