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Posted: 2020-08-18

            About the company :

Owned by Private Equity Investor Marcol and based in Amsterdam, OLP Group is a pan European collection of B2C healthcare brands that delivery the in-store pharmacy experience in a digital age. Comprised of businesses that have been in operation since 2006, and experiencing record growth, OLP group brands receive over 20 million unique visits annually across the continent and further afield, including customers in the Far East taking advantage of the high quality service and wide product selection.


Personal characteristics :

  • A lifelong learner and born problem-solver who makes an effort to keep themselves up to date with modern developments
  • You will genuinely love what you do and will bring a positive and upbeat style to the team
  • You will speak and write English well and will understand the importance of clear and timely communications
  • You will be comfortable taking tough decisions but will do so in a collegiate manner and with the broad support of the team
  • You will ideally have worked in a remote team setup before and will have strategies to ensure that the team feel part of something bigger
  • You will have the characteristics of a completer/finisher and an eye for detail


The Role:

OLP is looking for a Business Analyst to support our new online Pharmacy eCommerce platform by using data to optimize sales conversation rates and assist in onboarding newly acquired Pharmacies to join the same software platform. By working closely with the Product Owner, you will liaise directly with clients to determine requirements, work priorities, and scope. You will also work with the development team to ensure that the people building the solutions in an agile methodology are equipped with the latest information to deliver the required software capabilities to the agreed specification, on time and to high quality. Your responsibilities include populating and prioritizing the Product Backlog for a team of 7 – 9 people, in accordance with feedback from stakeholders and the product owner.


In conjunction with Inviqa and other partners, OLP have been rebuilding the base product sets on which its services are based using latest technologies and products including Spryker engine, Drupal, Next.js, Akeneo, Golang, Istio, Kubernetes, Elastic Search and much more.

We are seeking an outgoing, energetic and above all talented individual who can demonstrate prowess in software engineering to support the continued development of the OLP Group technology platform as the business enters a period of high growth, including further international expansion and changes to its core proposition.

This is a genuinely exciting opportunity for the right candidate to grow into a more responsible position in a team as the business enters new markets, adopts new technologies and makes its customers healthier and happier. There is no legacy here, just forward facing, modern languages, products and concepts which require your expertise to bring to life.

You’ll be accountable for delivering best in class engineering, best practice and standards whilst part of a team of high caliber technology professionals building a class defining product.


Required Skills and Qualifications :

The ideal candidate must:

  • Empathize with stakeholders and customers.  
  • Know how to ask questions in a way that enables problem visibility and solution generation. 
  • Be a great relationship builder and constructive negotiator.  
  • Have good leadership skills. 
  • Be able to break down complex problems into clear, simplified backlog work items that deliver demonstratable client value as early as possible.  
  • Be a believer in the MVP-first and fail-fast approaches to prove a hypothesis using experimentation with feedback for confirmation and solution validation.   
  • Articulate explanations and vision, using crisp English language leveraging use-case examples for less technical audiences. 
  • Understand the difference between Agile, Scrum and Kanban. 
  • Have excellent written and spoken English communication skills. 
  • Value the importance of working with client stakeholders to improve solution UX. 
  • Work with unclear client requirements and leverage structured techniques to work with clients to drive clarity in requirements, customer confidence, and problem resolutions.  
  • Be comfortable with emergent design rather than design upfront.  
  • Understand and articulate client wants vs. needs.  
  • Be able to articulate the long-term solution vision for the client and the development team.  
  • Define, analyze, and react to product metrics (such as Analytics, A/B testing, Pirate metrics) to provide valuable client guidance should changing of direction be needed. 
  • Be able to manage the expectations of business and technical stakeholders. 



  • Have at least 5 years of experience working with Agile software delivery teams as a business analyst or a similar role. 
  • Having a CSPO or similar certification will be considered a valuable asset.
  • Experience to manage an online eCommerce platform will be considered an asset.
  • Previous experience in a technical role in software development is considered an asset.


  • Work with the Product Owner and other stakeholders to understand requirements
  • Make sure the deliverables are delivered within time, budget and quality constraints as agreed with the Product Owner
  • Translate requirements into documented backlog items and prioritize ready for implementation by the development team
  • Communicate with the various stakeholders throughout their organisation to agree on priorities and business benefit and scope
  • Create documentation outlining the purpose of the work, together with an understanding of the environment where the solution will be used, and definitions of success
  • Be the go-to person for domain information, timely information and non-technical decisions
  • Manages dependencies with other teams, negotiating and reprioritizing the backlog where needed
  • Communicate team status, progress and other KPIs
  • Removal of any impediments for the team

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