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The Data Conversation: Why is culture the greatest barrier to data success?

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Many organisations recognise the potential of data but have yet to find a way to embed a data-driven culture within their business. Robin Sutara, Microsoft’s Chief Data Officer joins Rich Pugh, Ascent’s Chief Data Scientist to share her vision of what a successful data culture looks like.

What this webinar is about. For successful businesses today, data is the new oil - but it still needs to be refined and handled in the right way. Building a data capability that is geared to capitalise on the massive potential of the asset is one thing; embedding it at the heart of the organisation and aligning it with the business agenda is another. And it’s the non-technical hurdles like data literacy and stakeholder engagement that have the ability to derail even the best laid plans… This conversation will be of interest to those who recognise the potential of data but aren’t sure how to start building a data-led culture that generates business value.

What you’ll take away.
  • Why data culture matters
  • How to remove  culture as a potential barrier  to success
  • The foundations for building a successful data-driven culture
  • Top tips  and a vision of what good looks like

Your hosts & presenters.
Robin Sutara
Chief Data Officer, Microsoft UK

Robin is a member of the Microsoft UK Solutions Leadership Team, where she is responsible for the Data + AI business. Under her leadership, the team provides technical and industry-specific data expertise to Microsoft UK customers and partners. She is focused on enabling data strategies including modernisation, analytics/insights, and governance.

Robin joined Microsoft in 1999, and has held various leadership roles across services, sales, operations, and engineering. Prior to Microsoft, Robin worked at Tandy Services and served in the United States Army. Outside of work, Robin enjoys triathlon training and travelling with her family.

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Rich Pugh
Chief Data Scientist, Ascent

Rich is passionate about delivering pragmatic advice to leading organisations on data-driven transformation. With more than 20 years’ experience across industry, Rich has helped business increase profit margins, solve operational challenges and delight customers with data. A big believer in ‘there is nothing analytics can’t do’, he strives to help organisations leverage the power of their data.

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