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Azure Cognitive Search
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Azure Hackathon: Exploring your data with Cognitive Search.

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Explore your data with Microsoft’s industry- leading Azure Cognitive Search. This one-day remote workshop for teams of 2-4 developers will guide you through the process of creating and deploying Cognitive Search against real- world company data, using its integrated AI to get instant insights. The session will finish with an overview of how to expand and integrate what you’ve built into existing products.

Get started with Cognitive Search and explore your data potential…

This event is intended for participants with little or no prior experience in Cognitive Search. Senior Ascent developers will lead the Hackathon through tutorial presentations, followed by hands-on workshop sessions supported by a set of pre-made templates to help you get up and running fast. As this event requires us to view and handle your data, we will sign an NDA and delete all data and information straight after the event.

What do you need to take part?

  • A small dev team with skills in software development
  • A sample of non-sensitive data (database, PDF) to use on the day (the Hackathon is a semi-public event, and data may briefly be shown to other participants during demo exercises)
  • A check-in call with one of Ascent’s senior engineers prior to the event to validate your data sample as a good candidate
  • Your own Microsoft identity (Microsoft account)
  • Access to Microsoft Teams.

What will I get out of the Hackathon?

By the end of the day, you’ll have an Azure Cognitive Search index and be able to apply AI and ML-driven insight to your data - helping you build understanding and drive actionable intelligence.

Alex James
Chief Technology Officer

Alex James is a business technologist, founder and lifelong software engineer. As Ascent’s Chief Technology Officer he is a huge proponent of the software-driven business, working with organisations to help them convert inefficient spend into technical investment and increase ROI.

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Karl Fenech
Technical Architect

Bringing expertise gained from delivering digital transformation projects for global corporate clients, including G4S, Teva, and BT.

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