We’re finally back in person & want this year’s EARL conference (6th-8th Sept) to be the best one yet - so if you’re looking to brush up on your public speaking skills & are passionate about the commercial application of R, we’d love to hear from you…


Calling all R enthusiasts: submit your abstract for EARL 2022!

The Enterprise Application of the R Language Conference (EARL) is a cross-sector conference focusing on the commercial use of the R programming language. As a speaker at the event, you’ll be helping the vibrant R community explore new ideas and applications – here’s what you’ll get from the experience:

  • 30 minutes to share your R story at Europe’s largest R Community event
  • A free conference ticket for the day of your presentation (and networking event)
  • Brilliant experience for your CV/ LinkedIn profile
  • The admiration of your teams and peers!

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EARL2022_AbstractSubmission_Share your experience, build the community.

Share your experience, build the community.

Maybe you’ve built a Shiny app that helps detect bias, or you’ve been on a data journey you’d like to share. Perhaps you’ve built a data science syllabus for young minds or created an NLP tool to automate clinical processes. Whatever your experience, here’s why you should submit your EARL abstract today.




The ideal audience.

EARL is the largest R conference of its kind in Europe, dedicated to the real-world usage of R with some of the world’s leading practitioners in attendance.

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Build your professional experience.

Many of our selected speakers have only presented a handful of times, and some never. If you have been thinking about building your skills in this area, EARL is the perfect platform. Our audiences are both appreciative and attentive and always have questions to ask – it’s a great experience to add to your CV.

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Raise your profile.

The best in the business present their real-world projects, ideas and solutions at EARL each year. As a speaker you will get 30 minutes to share your work, giving you a platform to share what you do with people from different industries and different company sizes.



Share your knowledge and passion with the community.

The R community is well known for being wonderfully inclusive, supportive and generous. So it’s nice to be able to contribute and help others. Presenting your challenges and solutions will help others - even if they work in completely different industries. See some examples of previous abstracts below.

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Sample abstracts.

Read some of the submissions that have made it to the conference stage in previous years.


Improving patient experience in the National Health Service.

Making the best of R and Python to improve patient experience in the National Health Service.

We harness the power of R and Python to create impactful open-source Data Science software. National Health Service (NHS) trusts receive thousands of patient feedback texts. The text contains invaluable information for managers and staff who are devoted to improving patient experience. The sheer volume of text records prohibits efficient processing by humans alone. We use Text Mining to revolutionize the analysis of patient feedback in two ways: to surface key information from the text, e.g. positivity/negativity in comments, burning issues for patients etc, and to classify texts by theme.

We use Python’s Scikit-learn, with its suite of fast Machine Learning algorithms and pre-processing tools for text classification. We do detailed Sentiment Analysis with tidytext (R) and TextBlob (Python). We summarize our complex findings in an interactive Shiny (R) dashboard that makes them accessible to non-technical staff. The dashboard uses the Golem framework to create a stable, maintainable, production-grade Shiny application that can be shipped as an R package and used with any NHS trust feedback dataset across the country. We demonstrate how we got the best of the R and Python worlds to make real change in the NHS.



You can’t go to production with R! Hold my beer.

You can’t go to production with R! Hold my beer.

Quite often I hear conversations about how R isn’t suited for production and how Python is the only way to go.

While Python has its strengths, if you make a model in R, you most definitely can go to production. In this talk, I share with you my experience of developing and deploying MakuSafe’s ML models - all powered by R. The EDA, model training & scoring, and final implementation are all powered by various R packages.

The “secret sauce” is packaging the essentials into an R package and deploying within a Docker container. This creates a reproducible and predictable environment that can run and yield the same results regardless of where it is deployed. And with this approach, we can update models and deploy within minutes!



Inspiring the next generation of data scientists.

Inspiring the next generation of data scientists.

What kind of activities might inspire a sixth-form student to consider data science as an exciting career path - and challenge their preconceptions (and misconceptions) of what “data science” is?

I will deliver a 10-minute overview of a new data science course for sixth-form students (ages 16-18) developed for their extended curriculum. Combining best DS practice from industry with the instructional expertise of teaching staff, the first instalment of the course engaged the students in data wrangling, R programming and modelling, with activities including prediction of the UK singles chart (with current data!), analysing and visualising the sentiment across the Harry Potter books (with a side helping of regular expressions), and using simulation in R to verify published results on the cost of completing a football sticker album.

The talk includes feedback from students and staff, along with recommendations for those looking to develop similar courses for others - whether sixth-formers or adult non-experts.

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Communicating COVID-19s impact on London with R.

Communicating COVID-19’s impact on London with R.

Since March 2020 we’ve been collecting, processing and publishing data and analysis on the COVID-19 pandemic in London.

At the start of the pandemic sub-national data was very patchy and hard for non-technical audiences to access. We wanted to provide information and tools so policy makers and the public could better understand the effect of the pandemic within London.

The process for delivering this has developed from trying to gather as much information from news stories and Wikipedia to an automated daily process sourcing data from PHE, NHS and ONS. We provide daily updates of detailed analysis, high level summaries for the main GLA website and social media and ad-hoc analysis for the mayoral, communication and health teams. The information covered includes data on cases, deaths, use of NHS services, vaccinations and changes in behaviour.

The whole process is carried out in R, from collecting the data to generating RMarkdowns for final outputs and sending out alert emails when data is updated.


Get inspired with some EARL highlights.

See some of our past speakers and also hear delegates and speakers talk about their experiences at our last in-person event. Could this be you in 2022?

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A bit about Ascent, Mango’s new home.

Wondering why EARL has gone purple this year? Ascent is proud to pick up the baton and continue Mango’s legacy.



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We are Ascent.

Ascent is a UK based, 420 person digital services business, with capabilities that span data (everything from advanced analytics to engineering), software and cloud. We acquired Mango Solutions in November 2020 because of their data science skills, reputation and credibility in the thriving UK data science community. Today, that same data science capability can be found intact as one of the key technical practices within Ascent – and growing fast.


LondonR-WelcomeToAscent- Rich Pugh

Fully invested in the journey.

Mango’s founder Rich Pugh has become Ascent’s Chief Data Scientist, and with such a compelling ambassador at the helm we’re now working hard to establish Ascent as both an authentic destination employer for data science talent and a trusted, experienced analytic partner for mid-market and enterprise businesses who are increasingly looking to data to drive growth and success.

Neither of these things happens overnight but we’re fully invested in the journey (and always looking for bright ideas and new perspectives).


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LondonR-WelcomeToAscent-Get in touch.

Get in touch.

We help customers build game-changing products, deliver pivotal data and software projects and build strong internal teams. Got a question or challenge in mind?

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